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Dactylis glomerata (dáctilo o pasto ovillo) es una gramínea perenne, nativa de Europa y con importancia como planta forrajera. Ilustración. Vista de la planta. Ilustración Descripción. Es perenne, alta, erguida, crece formando matas y sus tallos florales tienen una altura de 60 a 120 cm. [1]. Dactylis glomerata Preferred Common Name; cocksfoot Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota Kingdom: Plantae Phylum: Spermatophyta Subphylum: Angiospermae Class: Monocotyledonae; Summary of Invasiveness; D. glomerata is a perennial grass considered a Eurasian native, but. Dactylis glomerata, le dactyle aggloméré, est une espèce de plantes monocotylédones, de la famille des Poaceae (graminées), sous-famille des Pooideae, originaire de l'Ancien Monde.. C'est une plante herbacée vivace largement cultivée dans tous les continents comme plante fourragère.C'est également une adventice (mauvaise herbe) répandue dans les cultures, notamment les vergers et.

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  1. SPECIES: Dactylis glomerata GENERAL BOTANICAL CHARACTERISTICS : Orchardgrass is a cool-season, perennial bunchgrass, 1.4 to 4 feet (0.5-1.2 m ) tall with erect, glabrous culms and blades 4 to 16 inches (10-40 cm) long and 0.1 to 0.5 inch (0.2-1.1 cm) wide
  2. Dactylis glomerata . cocksfoot. orchardgrass. This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below.This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. Click on an acronym to view each weed list,.
  3. g) grass native to Eurasia and Africa that is generally considered a weed. It can be found in meadows, pasture, roadsides, and rough grassland and has become invasive in some areas of eastern USA..
  4. Dactylis glomerata subsp. merinoana (Horjales, Laso & Redondo) H.Scholz: Sie kommt in Portugal und in Spanien vor. Dactylis glomerata subsp. nestorii Rosselló & L.Sáez: Sie kommt auf Ibiza und auf Formentera vor. Dactylis glomerata subsp. oceanica G.Guignard: Sie kommt im westlichen und nordwestlichen Frankreich vor
  5. 1. Dactylis glomerata L. E. orchard grass. CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT. Fields, roadsides, cultivated land. This species includes diploid and tetraploid forms that appear to be morphologically distinguishable only on the basis of stomate and pollen size. Thus far, only tetraploid plants are known to have been collected in New England
  6. Dactylis glomerata subsp. stebbinsii (Horjales, Laso & Redondo) H.Scholz, Willdenowia 41: 135 (2011) Hivatkozások A Wikifajok tartalmaz Csomós ebír témájú rendszertani információt. A Wikimédia Commons tartalmaz Csomós ebír témájú médiaállományokat és Csomós ebír témájú kategóriát
  7. Cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.) is a strongly tufted, deep-rooted, long-lived perennial reaching a height of 60-150 cm. Culms are erect and glabrous.Leaf blades are 30-60 cm long and 5-10 mm broad. Inflorescences are erect panicles, 8-20 cm long, bearing spikelets in dense one-sided clusters

カモガヤ(鴨茅、英: orchard grass 、学名: Dactylis glomerata )はイネ科 カモガヤ属の多年草。 英名のオーチャードグラスでも流通する。和名のカモガヤ (鴨茅)は、英名の cock's-foot grass を訳すときに cock(ニワトリ)を duck(カモ)と間違えたといわれる 。 キヌイトソウ(絹糸草)ともいう Espécie Dactylis glomerata subesp. hispanica da família Poaceae ordem das Poales na Flora Digital de Portuga Dactylis glomerata L - Erba mazzolina (foto www.agraria.org) Caratteri botanici. Pianta vivace di taglia alta (60-140 cm), dotata di sistema radicale profondo e persistente, è provvista di cespi robusti e compatti di color verde glauco con culmi eretti appiattiti alla base, foglie scabre con ligula bianca allungata e senza orecchiette

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Dactylis glomerata var. leiostachys Domin Dactylis glomerata var. luxurians Soest ex Jansen & Wacht. Dactylis glomerata var. macrocephala Domin Dactylis glomerata subsp. marina (Borrill) Greuter Dactylis glomerata var. marina (Borrill) Speranza & Cristof. Dactylis glomerata var. maritima (Hack.) Trab. Dactylis glomerata var. nemorosa Klett & Richt dactylis glomerata is an evergreen Perennial growing to 1 m (3ft 3in) by 0.3 m (1ft). It is hardy to zone (UK) 5. It is in leaf all year, in flower from May to August, and the seeds ripen from July to September. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Wind. It is noted for attracting wildlife Band [Dactylis Glomerata Line-Up], Vocals - Björn Flodkvist (tracks: 1-1 to 1-11) Edited By [Post Production Digital Editing], Tracking By [Overdubs] - Jan Hellman (tracks: 1-1 to 1-11) Layout [Remaster Layout] - Jeanette Andersson; Mixed By. Dactylis glomerata subsp. lobata; Last modified 9.x.2017. 2001-2020 W.N. Ellis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands This work is licensed under a Creative Commons - Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Supported by

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Geographic subdivisions for Dactylis glomerata: CA-FP, GB : MAP CONTROLS 1. You can change the display of the base map and layers by clicking on the layer control box in the upper right-hand corner. 2. California county polygons can be turned off and on in the layer control box. 3 Kupkówka pospolita, rżniączka pospolita (Dactylis glomerata L.), zwana także rajgrasem niemieckim - gatunek rośliny z rodziny wiechlinowatych.Jego zasięg (w szerokim ujęciu) obejmuje północne krańce Afryki, niemal całą Europę i Azję z wyjątkiem jej południowych i wschodnich krańców. Poza tym introdukowany i zdziczały w Ameryce Północnej, Południowej, w Australii i. Cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata) is regarded as an environmental weed in Victoria, Tasmania, ACT and New South Wales. It has been grown as a pasture grass, but has also spread into disturbed sites and natural plant communities. It is invasive in heathlands, open woodlands, forests, riparian habitats, freshwater wetlands and coastal environs.

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  1. Dactylis glomerata Orchardgrass Cool season, long-lived perennial sod-former found on a wide variety of sites but not adapted to saline soils. Highly productive and palatable to livestock and wildlife; tolerant of grazing
  2. Dactylis glomerata, also known as cock's-foot, orchard grass, or cat grass (due to its popularity for use with domestic cats) is a common species of grass in the genus Dactylis. It is a cool-season perennial C3 bunchgrass native throughout most of Europe, temperate Asia, and northern Africa
  3. ates in an inflorescence on a long naked stalk. The culms are light green, terete, and glabrous; later they.
  4. Tracheophyta › Magnoliopsida › Poaceae › Dactylis › Dactylis glomerata Ecology A tufted perennial herb of woods, meadows and pastures, downland and hill-slopes, maritime cliff grasslands, fixed dunes, field margins, roadsides and waste ground on a wide range of fertile, neutral and basic soils. 0-685 (Breadalbanes, Mid Perth) and.

FILTER AND SORT TABLE To filter the table above, add a text to the search field (top right of the table). To sort a column click on an arrow after the column name (both ascending and descending). Sort multiple columns with Shift + click on the arrows. IMPORTANT The host plant spectre of a parasite is rarely known exhaustively; this applies in particular at the species level O dáctilo [1] Dactylis glomerata é unha gramínea perenne, nativa de Europa e con importancia como planta forraxeira. Ilustración. Vista da planta. Ilustración. Descrición. Planta perenne, alta, ergueita, medra formando matos e os seus talos florais teñen unha altura de 60 a 120 cm. [2] [3] As follas non. Binomial nga ngaran; Dactylis glomerata L. Mga sinonimo; Trachypoa vulgaris Bubani Sesleria cirtensis Trab. Poa smithii Kunth Phalaris glomerata Gueldenst. Limnetis glomerata Eaton Koeleria dactylis Chaub. Festuca phalarioides Lam. Festuca glomerata ( All. Dactylis woronowii Ovcz. Dactylis villosa Ten. Dactylis stenophylla Opiz ex Domin Dactylis smithii subsp. marina. Dactylis glomerata: a valuable temperate region pasture grass which contains a lamb growth inhibitor. Called also cocksfoot, orchard grass Dactylis glomerata forma glaucescens Dactylis glomerata Linnaeus, forma glaucescens (Willdenow) Alefeld, Landw. Fl. 352. 1866. BASIONYM: Dactylis glaucescens Willdenow 1809. Dactylis glomerata forma viridis Dactylis glomerata Linnaeus, forma viridis Alefeld, Landw. Fl. 352. 1866. Dactylis.

Dactylis glomerata - Cocksfoot. Cocksfoot is a tall perennial grass with stout one-sided clumped flower/seed heads whose resemblance to a cock's foot gives it its name. It has somewhat coarse foliage which can grow to form dense tufts or tussocks if unchecked by mowing and grazing Orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata) Orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata), native to Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia, is produced throughout much of the world, including Northwestern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the northeastern portion of United States and the Pacific Northwest. It is widely adapted but best adapted to areas. Dactylis Glomerata was Candlemass' comeback album after Leif Edling decided to break the band up after Chapter VI. Before Chapter VI was released, Candlemass's long-time vocalist, Messiah Marcolin, had left the band and Chapter VI was a very different kind of album from it's predeccors and, as almost always when band's music style changes, not as popular as their old albums

Primarily used as forage grass (a crop grown for livestock to eat), orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata) doesn't have any place on your lawn. Fortunately, proper lawn maintenance and weed control can easily get rid of it 鸭茅(学名:Dactylis glomerata L.)是禾本科,鸭茅属多年生草本植物。秆直立或基部膝曲,高可达120厘米。叶鞘无毛,叶舌薄膜质,顶端撕裂;叶片扁平,边缘或背部中脉均粗糙,圆锥花序,小穗多聚集于分枝上部,含5花,颖片披针形,先端渐尖,边缘膜质,第一外稃近等长于小穗;内稃狭窄,5-8月.

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DACTYLIS GLOMERATA L. - srha laločnatá / reznačka laločnatá All., Limnetis glomerata (L.) Eaton, Phalaris glomerata (L.) Gueldenst. Česká jména: kluběnka uzlitá (Presl 1819, Opiz 1852), srha říznačka (Dostál 1950), srha laločnatá (Dostál 1989, Kubát 2002 Dactylis glomerata Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 1: 71. 1753. 鸭茅 ya mao The typical form, subsp. glomerata (2n = 28), has a relatively compact panicle, broad spikelet fascicles, and conspicuously ciliate lemma keels. Other forms, widespread in China and the Himalayas, have a looser panicle with long flexuose branches, narrower spikelet fascicles. Una de las especies más conocidas dentro de este género es Dactylis glomerata L., que es una especie muy variable debido a que por su uso agrícola ha sido estudiada e investigada dando origen a formas diploides y tetraploides que a veces se han elevado a subespecies. Se utiliza como una hierba del heno y para los pastos debido a sus altas.

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Dactylis glomerata subsp. glomerata L. subspecies Dactylis glomerata subsp. hispanica (Roth) Nyman View list of all occurrence records for this taxon ([counting] records) View map of all occurrence records for this taxon ([counting] records) Charts showing breakdown of occurrence records. Dactylis glomerata plate 24 in: Wayside and woodland blossoms, 1895. alternative Dactylis glomerata plate 24 in: Wayside and woodland blossoms, 1895. crop 3. (right) Dactylis glomerata. Weiterführende Weblinks. Wikispecies Informationen zu: Dactylis glomerata. Wikidata hat einen Eintrag Q161735 mit Daten in Bezug auf dieses Objekt Dactylis L. é um género botânico pertencente à família Poaceae, subfamília Pooideae, tribo Poeae.. O gênero apresenta aproximadamente 85 espécies.. São plantas herbáceas anuais originarias do hemisfério norte.Algumas espécies são cultivadas como plantas forrageiras.. Na classificação taxonômica de Jussieu (), Dactylis é um gênero botânico, ordem Gramineae, classe.

Dactylis glomerata L. Orchard grass, Orchardgrass Dactylis glomerata, a monocot, is a perennial grass that is not native to California; it has been naturalized in the wild. Pests and Pathogens from Calinvasives. Cal-IPC rating: Limited Plant Distribution. Observation Search (2550 records) Plant Characteristics. one or more occurrences. Statut de protection de Dactylis glomerata (Dactyle aggloméré, Pied-de-poule) : évaluation sur liste rouge, réglementations nationales et internationales, législation et textes juridiques (CITES, Journal Officiel Français et Européen) Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Dactylis Glomerata - Candlemass on AllMusic - 199 dactylis glomerata ~ jelentése a DictZone online angol-magyar szótárban. Kiejtés, fonetikus leírás és példamondatok egy helyen. Nézd meg Dactylis glomerata L. Plant Symbol = DAGL Contributed by: USDA NRCS Idaho Plant Materials Program 'Paiute' Orchardgrass. Photo by Derek Tilley, Aberdeen PMC. Alternate Names Common Alternate Names: Cocksfoot . Uses Grazing/Hayland: The primary use of orchardgrass is for pasture and hay forage production (Ogle, et al., 2011a). I

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Ecological Framework for Dactylis glomerata The table below shows the species-specific information calculated from original data (BEC database) provided by the BC Ministry of Forests and Range. (Updated August, 2013 Dactylis glomerata var. abbreviata Dactylis glaucescens Willd. Dactylis fasciculata C.Sm. ex Link Dactylis decalcata Brand Dactylis cylindracea Brot. Dactylis capitellata Link Dactylis canariensis Nees ex Steud. Dactylis aschersoniana Graebn. Dactylis altaica Besser Dactylis altaica Besse View Dactylis glomerata Research Papers on Academia.edu for free After 18 months of sweat, hard work, agony, Dactylis Glomerata was released. Named after a flower Leif is allergic to it was maybe not the most suitable comeback for Candlemass. Some people complained that Messiah wasn't on it, and that it wasn't Nightfall pt.2. But it is a good album, taking the concept of doom one step further

Dactylis glomerata . Orchardgrass . Family: Poaceae . NON-CHEMICAL CONTROL . Grazing P Prescribed burning P Mowing and cutting P can stimulate tillering, repeated mowing will suppress. Tillage P may spread plant Grubbing, digging or hand pulling G non -spreading bunchgrass can be pulle El dàctil (Dactylis glomerata) és una espècie comuna d'herba del gènere Dactylis.Es tracta d'una herba perenne C3 nativa en gairebé tota Europa, Àsia temperada, i el nord d'Àfrica. Es pot trobar en prats, pastures i vorals de carreteres i camins. S'ha introduït a Amèrica del Nord, Nova Zelanda i Austràlia, i ara és àmpliament naturalitzada. En algunes àrees, s'ha convertit en una.

Danihelka J., Chrtek J. Jr. & Kaplan Z. (2012): Seznam cévnatých rostlin květeny České republiky, Preslia 84: 647-811 [as Dactylis glomerata L.] Data retrieved on: 18 August 2019 More >> Dactylis glomerata subsp. hackelii (Ascherson & Graebner) Cif. & Giacomm. Hansen A and Sunding P. (1993) Dactylis glomerata subsp. lobata (Drejer) Lindb. Kerguélen M. (1993) Dactylis glomerata subsp. glomerata L. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (2001 CATGRASS Dactylis glomerata 500-1000 seeds (calculated by weight for accuracy) This is a great treat to grow for your favourite feline - just growing as grass sprouts/seedlings indoors or plant outside and let it grow, the cats will find it! It is highly attractive to cats as they enjoy chewing and rolling on it. It i Das ausdauernde Knaulgras (Dactylis glomerata)ist ein typisches Horstgras. Wiesenbestände mit viel Knaulgras sind oft locker und daher lückig. Knaulgras kann sich an verschiedenste Bedingungen anpassen, es ist winterfest und trockenheitsresistent. Es hat ein hohes Ertragspotenzial mit gleichmässiger Verteilung auf die einzelnen Schnitte

Dactylis Glomerata CANDLEMASS. Released on: 1998-04-13 . 1998 Music For Nations Candlemass was officially put to sleep at the end of 1993. I was over! For the first time in years everybody agreed on something. The band was tired to do the same tours over and over again, tired of fighting over money and never see any, tired of eachothers faces Most of the material on Dactylis Glomerata was origianlly recorded for a second Abstrakt Algebra album. Music for Nations offered to pay to re-record and release the material, but only under the Candlemass name. Dactylis glomerata is a common species of grass 01 - Wiz 00:00 02 - I Still See the Black 03:55 03 - Dustflow 10:17 04 - Cylinder 19:33 05 - Karthago 20:56 06 - Abstrakt Sun 27:37 07 - Apathy 34:19 08 - Li.. Dactylis glomerata (a nonindigenous grass) reduced survival of two tree species (Fraxinus pennsylvanica and Acer saccharum), but biomass and diversity of forbs were also reduced. Field experimentation could identify additional suitable native species

Glomerata betekent opeengehoopt of met kluwens. Polygama betekent een- of tweeslachtige bloemen vootbrengend. Opmerking: Gewone kropaar en IJle kropaar worden ook wel beschouwd als twee afzonderlijke soorten: Dactylis glomerata en Dactylis polygama. Beschrijving (Klik op een afbeelding om te vergroten). Levensduur: Overblijvend. Plantvorm: Kruid blades blueish-green, rough-textured, folded in bud; auricles absent; ligule membranous, tall; sheaths open, flattene Dactylis glomerata subsp. stebbinsii (Horjales, Laso & Redondo) H.Scholz, Willdenowia 41: 135 (2011) Hivatkozások A Wikifajok tartalmaz Csomós ebír témájú rendszertani információt. A Wikimédia Commons tartalmaz Csomós ebír témájú médiaállományokat és Csomós ebír témájú kategóriát Dactylis Glomerata är ett musikalbum av doom metal-gruppen Candlemass, utgivet den 17 februari 1998.. Låtlista. Wiz; I Still See The Black; Dust Flow; Cylinder; Karthago; Abstract Sun; Apathy; Lidocain God; Moloto Dactylis Glomerata - Domuz Ayrığı. Dactylis Glomerata yani Domuz ayrığı büyük yumaklı, geniş yapraklı, çok yıllık bir yem bitkisi çeşididir. Domuz ayrığı tohumundan dekara 2-3 kg atılır. Dactylis glomerata 1.5 - 2 cm'lik derinliğe ekilmelidir. Domuz ayrığının bitki boyu 60-120 cm civarındadır

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  1. Dactylis: [Poaceae] dal greco δακτυλοϛ dáctylos dito, per la somiglianza della pannocchia con le falangi di un dito glomerata: (Campanula, Cerastium, Cyperus.
  2. Dactylis glomerata. Also known as Cock's-foot and Cat Grass, this tall perennial bunching tussock grass thrives in the cool season, and tolerates shade, drought, and the heat of summer. It is one of the finest silage grasses, producing very high quality hay
  3. BiNHum The biodiversity portal of the. The BiNHum-Portal is a joint Humboldt-Ring project, for querying the biodiversity data of different institutions
  4. Dactylis glomerata (dáctilo o pastio duviellu) ye una gramínea perenne, nativa d'Europa y con importancia como planta forrajera. Ilustración. Vista de la planta. Ilustración Descripción. Ye perenne, alta, arguta, crez formando matos y los sos tarmos florales tienen un altor de 60 a 120 cm. Les fueyes nun tienen pelos y tán plegaes, los.

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  1. Dactylis Glomerata was a come-back album of sorts, originally released in 1998, after the band had temporarily been laid to rest after the Chapter VI album. Dactylis was an album of more stripped down dirty doom with some solid songwriting on display, evoking what some described as a strong stoner vibe, along with some hard rock elements
  2. Dactylis Glomerata (Domuz Ayrığı) Özellikleri. Çok yıllık, açık yumak oluşturan bir serin iklim yem bitkisidir. Çok kaliteli bir ot sağladığı için tüm hayvanlar tarafından sevilerek yenilir. Gölgeye dayanıklı bir bitkidir
  3. eae Dactylis glomerata L. Zacate de la huerta . 1 2. Fotos 1-2 © Heike Vibrans 1993, 2007 Inicio (Home) Datos de las fotos <<< anterior especie.
  4. Dactylis glomerata subsp. lusitanica Stebbins & D.Zohary (1959) Dactylis glomerata subsp. mairei Stebbins & D.Zohary (1959) Dactylis glomerata subsp. merinoana (Horjales, Laso & Redondo) H.Scholz (2011) Dactylis glomerata subsp. nestorii Rosselló & L.Sáez (1998) Dactylis glomerata subsp. oceanica G.Guignard (1986) Dactylis glomerata subsp.
  5. Family: Poaceae Barnhart Genus: Dactylis L. Dactylis glomerata L.; This species is accepted, and its native range is Macaronesia, Medit. to Temp. Eurasia. It is used to treat unspecified medicinal disorders and as a medicine
  6. Artnamnet glomerata kommer av latinets glomerare (rulla ihop) och syftar på de gyttrade småaxgyttringarna. Enligt Nyman (1868) kommer det svenska namnet av att hundarne, då de vilja kräkas, tugga isynnerhet detta gräs, hvars sträva blad lätt åstadkommer önskad verkan. Familj: Poaceae Släkte: Dactylis. Norden (ssp. glomerata
  7. Een tamelijk groot en grof gras is de Kropaar, Dactylis glomerata, die tijdens de bloei heel goed te herkennen is aan de grote bloeiwijze waarin kluwenvormig samengetrokken aartjes met veel bloemetjes staan. Deze bloemtjes zijn nogal klein, maar wat goed te zien is is de scherpe vouw van de kelkkafjes van een aartje. Op de overgang van bladschede, die langs de stengel staat, naar de bladschijf.

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ID 25136 Symbol Key DAGL Common Name orchardgrass Family Poaceae Category Monocot Division Magnoliophyta US Nativity Introduced to U.S. US/NA Plant Yes State. Find 95mm Cat Grass - Dactylis glomerata at Bunnings Warehouse. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products Rdobrada (rđobrada, oštrica, lat. Dactylis), rod korisnih trajnica iz porodice Gramineae.Postoje dvije priznate vrste. Obična rdobrada i nekoliko njezinih podvrsta raste i u hrvatskoj, među kojima španjolska rdobrada, D. glomerata subsp. hispanica (Roth) Nyman, šumska oštrica, D. glomerata subsp. lobata (Drejer) H.Lindb.. Vrste. Dactylis glomerata L Le dactyle aggloméré (Dactylis glomerata) est une plante vivace faisant partie de la famille des Poacées.Cette plante herbacée pousse de façon spontanée dans les décombres, les terrains en friches, les abords de chemins et de routes, les prairies et les sols secs et enrichis en azote Taxonomy - Dactylis glomerata (Orchard grass) (Cock's-foot grass) (SPECIES) ))) Map to UniProtKB (478) Reviewed (5) Swiss-Prot. Unreviewed (473) TrEMBL. Format. Mnemonic i: DACGL: Taxon identifier i: 4509: Scientific name i: Dactylis glomerata: Taxonomy navigation.

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Importante: No olvide consultar la tabla de precios por gramos(a continuacion), para añadir tantos gramos como desee de producto a su carrito.. Debe hacer un pedido mínimo de 40,00€para realizar su pedido Dactylis glomerata L. 1 Dactylis glomerata L. Foto: Heike Vibrans, 1993. Fuente: Malezas de México. Es una gramínea de uso común en praderas de clima templado de México, es una especie con gran capacidad de crecimiento, presenta resistencia moderada al frío y la sequía, se ha introducido como forraje (Hernández-Guzmán et al., 2015) Dactylis glomerata L. Common Name: orchard grass: Habitat: Pastures, hayfields, successional fields, roadsides, disturbed areas, openings in forests, edges of woodland roads and paths, and elsewhere. This taxon has become very common and widespread and is often associated with open habitats or areas with at least some disturbances

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Dactylis glomerata L. (Erba mazzolina comune) Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita, Università di Trieste - Progetto Dryades - Picture by Andrea Moro - Gran Monte, falde meridionali presso punta Lauscizza., UD, FVG, Italia, - Image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 Licens Knaulgras - Dactylis glomerata L. (engl.: cocksfoot) Das Knaulgras ist ein sehr massenwüchsiges, frühtreibendes Gras, dass bei junger Nutzung sehr gute Futterwerte erreicht. Sortenempfehlung Knaulgras 255 K Dactylis glomerata L. - Csomós ebír. Hasonló kifejezések a német magyar szótárban. (1) Dactylis Glomerata Dactylis glomerata, csomós ebír. stemming. Példa mondatok: Dactylis, fordítási memória. add example. de Samen von Wiesenlieschgras.


Список синонимов и русских названий, коллекция изображений, описание характерных свойств и ключевых признаков Dactylis glomerata. Ежа сборная, Ежа обыкновенная, Ежа скученная Espécie Dactylis glomerata subesp. lusitanica da família Poaceae ordem das Poales na Flora Digital de Portuga Evaluation of cocksfoot ( Dactylis glomerata L.) population for drought survival and behavior Saudi J Biol Sci. 2019 Jan;26(1):49-56. doi: 10.1016/j.sjbs.2016.12.002. Epub 2016 Dec 9. Authors Latifa Zhouri 1. Présentation de Dactylis glomerata subsp. hispanica (Dactyle d'Espagne) : noms scientifiques et vernaculaires, statut de protection (listes rouges, réglementations), statut biologique en France Métropolitaine, données historiques et contemporaines

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